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Monbiot and others will now take up the cudgels for

Le 23 novembre 2017, 10:00 dans 健康 0

I hope  this notion of an “educated democracy” and develop some thinking about an appropriate curriculum both in our schools and as part of a lifelong learning agenda. And if the government is really serious about stopping the rot in terms of political engagement and participation – as most seem to say they are – then words aren’t sufficient. Funding is needed.
Jol Miskin
Regional education manager, WEA

• George Monbiot’s proposal for a constitutional convention composed of citizens drawn by lot, with a small number of parliamentarians involved, suggests an answer to the future nature of parliament – vote for a government every four years, create a House of Commons by sortition every two.

during a magical night

Le 10 octobre 2017, 05:53 dans Humeurs 0

Maybe I could even go pro, if I could just get over these nagging injuries…. That thought wasrunning through Micah’s mind as he coasted on his bike down a steep Boulder street. Next thinghe knew, he was blinking into bright lights in the emergency room of Boulder CommunityHospital, his eyes caked with blood and his forehead full of stitches. Best he could recall, he’d hit agravel slick and sailed over the handlebars.

“You’re lucky you’re alive,” the doctor told him, which was one way of looking at it. Another wasthat death was still a problem hanging over his head. Micah had just turned forty-one, and despitehis ultrarunning prowess, the view from that ER gurney was none too pretty. He had no healthinsurance, no home, no close family, and no steady work. He didn’t have enough money to stayovernight for observation, and he didn’t have a bed to recover on if he checked out.

Poor and free was the way he’d chosen to live, but was it the way he wanted to die? A friend letMicah mend on her sofa, and there, for the next few days, he pondered his future. Only luckyrebels go out in a blaze of glory, as Micah knew very well. Ever since second grade, he’d idolizedGeronimo, the Apache brave who used to escape the U.S. cavalry by running through the Arizonabadlands on foot. But how did Geronimo end up? As a prisoner, dying drunk in a ditch on a dustyreservation.

Once Micah recovered, he headed to Leadville. And there,  running throughthe woods with Martimano Cervantes, he found his answers. Geronimo couldn’t run free forever,but maybe a “gringo Indio” could. A gringo Indio who owed nothing, needed no one, and wasn’tafraid to disappear from the planet without a trace.

“So what do you live on?” I asked.

“Sweat,” Caballo said. Every summer, he leaves his hut and rides buses back to Boulder, where hisancient pickup truck awaits him behind the house of a friendly farmer. For two or three months, heresumes the identity of Micah True and scrounges up freelance furniture-moving jobs. As soon ashe has enough cash to last another year, he’s gone, vanishing down to the bottom of the canyonsand stepping back into the sandals of El Caballo Blanco.

with more countries to come

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Glossier, the direct-to-consumer beauty startup that’s raised $34.4 million in funding so far, will kick off its international expansion this month.

“Ever since Day 1 singapore business formation, we’ve dreamt of making Glossier a global beauty movement that celebrates real girls in real life,” founder and CEO Emily Weiss wrote in a blog post. “And that moment is coming up—really soon actually.” Glossier will start shipping its cosmetic and skincare products to Canada later this month, the U.K. later this year, and France in 2018, with other countries in the works.

Glossier launched in 2014, four years after Emily Weiss, a former style assistant at Vogue and W magazines, started blogging about beauty at Into The Gloss pre nursery school in hong kong-Victoria (Belcher) Nursery & Kindergarten, as an "IB World School", aims to help children to reach their highest potential and provides opportunities promoting to top International Schools and Band One Primary Schools. . Its most recent funding was a $24 million Series B led by Institutional Venture Partners in fall 2016 (other investors include Thrive Capital, which led Glossier’s $8.4 million Series A in 2014).

At Disrupt NY in May, Weiss told the audience during a panel that “beauty is not traditionally a VC kind of business. But it’s a quarter-of-a-trillion dollar market globally, and ripe for disruption. The data speaks for itself. . . But you also wouldn’t believe how excited people get when you put a bag of products on the table, men and women.”

Weiss first detailed Glossier’s expansion plans in a blog post two years ago about the challenges of making a cosmetics brand international. For example, Weiss explained that in new markets, brands need to find “responsible parties,” or partners that basically serve “as a hybrid between a chemist and a lawyer” to ensure that all products shipped overseas meet local formulation and packaging regulations. Then they have to figure out how to fit ingredient and application instructions in different languages on packaging without creating more waste. Glossier’s goal is to respond to customer inquiries within 12 emails of their first email, so it also needed to create a customer service team that can work across timezones.

Glossier already has an office in Montreal and will open one soon in London. The company will take a deliberate approach to its international expansion, Weiss wrote, so it can build user communities in each country before launching in another one. She asked for suggestions about what countries to launch in next, but added that Glossier can’t ship to places that require product testing on animals because it is a cruelty-free brand Shenzhen Transpring Enterprise Ltd. is one of the leading Oil vaporizer pen and vaporizer (A3 Vape Cartridge etc) manufacturer and supplier in China. Over the years, we have been serving many customers from USA, ... .

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