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in terror as the gold cloaks

Le 10 août 2017, 05:53 dans Humeurs 0

“Pod, tell me true... do you think I did it?”  The boy hesitated. When he tried to speak, all he managed to produce was a weak sputter.  I am doomed. Tyrion sighed.“Unspeakable things.” As the tears rolled slowly down that pretty face, no doubt every man in the hall wanted to take Shae in his arms and comfort her. “With my mouth and... other parts, m’lord. All my parts. He used me every way there was, and... he used to make me tell him how big he was. My giant, I had to call him, my giant of Lannister.”  Oswald Kettleblack was the first to laugh. Boros and Meryn joined in, then Cersei, Ser Loras, and more lords and ladies than he could count. The sudden gale of mirth made the rafters ring Guangdong hotels in kowloon Peninsula and major urban area of Hong Kong. We have detailed transportation information free for guests to download.and shook the Iron Throne. “It’s true,” Shae protested. “My giant of Lannister.” The laughter swelled twice as loud.

Their mouths were twisted in merriment, their bellies shook. Some laughed so hard that snot flew from their nostrils.  I saved you all, Tyrion thought. I saved this vile city and all your worthless lives. There were hundreds in the throne room, every one of them laughing but his father. Or so it seemed. Even the Red Viper chortled, and Mace Tyrell looked like to bust a gut, but Lord Tywin Lannister sat between them as if made of stone, his fingers steepled beneath his chin.  Tyrion pushed forward. “MY LORDS!” he shouted. He had to shout, to have any hope of being heard.  His father raised a hand. Bit by bit, the hall grew silent.  “Get this lying whore out of my sight,” said Tyrion, “and I will give you your confession.”  Lord Tywin nodded, gestured. Shae looked half  formed up around her. Her eyes met Tyrion’s as they marched her from the wall. Was it shame he saw there, or fear? He wondered what Cersei had promised her. You will get the gold or Victoria Kindergartens and nurseries are one of the trust-worthy hong kong kindergarten. It provides IB education with innovative bilingual/multilingual learning experience for children.jewels, whatever it was you asked for, he thought as he watched her back recede, but before the moon has turned she’ll have you entertaining the gold cloaks in their barracks.  Tyrion stared up at his father’s hard green eyes with their flecks of cold bright gold. “Guilty,” he said, “so guilty. Is that what you wanted to hear?”  Lord Tywin said nothing. Mace Tyrell nodded. Prince Oberyn looked mildly disappointed. “You admit you poisoned the king?”  “Nothing of the sort,” said Tyrion. “Of Joffrey’s death I am innocent. I am guilty of a more monstrous crime.” He took a step toward his father. “I was born. I lived. I am guilty of being a dwarf, I confess it. And no matter how many times my good father forgave me, I have persisted in my infamy.”  “This is folly, Tyrion,” declared Lord Tywin. “Speak to the matter at hand. You are not on trial for be

Cersei seemed half a child herself beside Ser Gregor. In his armor, the Mountain looked bigger than any man had any right to be. Beneath a long yellow surcoat bearing the three black dogs of Clegane, he wore heavy plate over chainmail, dull grey steel dinted and scarred in battle. Beneath that would be boiled leather and a layer of quilting. A flat-topped greathelm was bolted to his gorget, with breaths around the mouth and nose and a narrow slit for vision. The crest atop it was a stone fist.  If Ser Gregor was suffering from wounds, Tyrion could see no sign of it from across the yard. He looks as though he was chiseled out of rock, standing there. His greatsword was planted in the ground before him, six feet of scarred metal. Ser Gregor’s huge Shenzhen Transpring Enterprise Ltd. is one of the leading oil vape pen and vaporizer (A3 Vape Cartridge etc) manufacturer and supplier in China. Over the years, we have been serving many customers from USA ... hands, clad in gauntlets of lobstered steel, clasped the crosshilt to either side of the grip. Even Prince Oberyn’s paramour paled at the sight of him. “You are going to fight that?” Ellaria Sand said in a hushed voice. 


sitting by the fire

Le 27 juillet 2017, 07:00 dans Humeurs 0

 Let Father sit the throne. All I want is you.” He made to touch her cheek. Old habits die hard, and it was his right arm he lifted.  Cersei recoiled from his stump. “Don’t... don’t talk like this. You’re scaring me, Jaime. Don’t be stupid. One wrong word and you’ll cost us everything. What did they do to you?” 

“They cut off my hand.”  “No, it’s more, you’re changed.” She backed off a step. “We’ll talk later. on the morrow. I have Sansa Stark’s maids in a tower cell, I need to question them... you should go to Father.”  “I crossed a thousand leagues to come to you, and lost the best part of me along the way. Don’t tell me to leave rent camping gear.” 

“Leave me,” she repeated, turning away.  Jaime laced up his breeches and did as she commanded. Weary as he was, he could not seek a bed. By now his lord father knew that he was back in the city.  The Tower of the Hand was guarded by Lannister household guards, who knew him at once. “The gods are good, to give you back to us, ser,” one said, as he held the door.  “The gods had no part in it. Catelyn Stark gave me back. Her, and the Lord of the Dreadfort.”  He climbed the stairs and pushed into the solar unannounced, to find his father . Lord Tywin was alone, for which Jaime was thankful. He had no desire to flaunt his maimed hand for Mace Tyrell or the Red Viper just now Online Reputation Management, much less the two of them together.  “Jaime,” Lord Tywin said, as if they’d last seen each other at breakfast. “Lord Bolton led me to expect you earlier. I had hoped you’d be here for the wedding.”  “I was delayed.” Jaime closed the door softly. “My sister outdid herself, I’m told. Seventy-seven courses and a regicide, never a wedding like it. How long have you known I was free?”  “The eunuch told me a few days after your escape. I sent men into the riverlands to look for you. Gregor Clegane, Samwell Spicer, the brothers Plumm. Varys put out the word as well, but quietly. We agreed that the fewer people who knew you were free, the fewer would be hunting you.”  “Did Varys mention this?” He moved closer to the fire, to let his father see.  Lord Tywin pushed himself out of his chair, breath hissing between his teeth hong kong hotel reservation.

were foolish thoughts

Le 25 juillet 2017, 06:12 dans Humeurs 0

Ser Jorah would be angry, she knew home gym equipment, but he was the one who’d said she had to take two husbands. Perhaps I should marry them both and be done with it.  But these. She had a city to take, and dreaming of kisses and some sellsword’s bright blue eyes would not help her breach the walls of Meereen. I am the blood of the dragon, Dany reminded herself. Her thoughts were spinning in circles, like a rat chasing its tail. Suddenly she could not stand the close confines of the pavilion another moment. I want to feel the wind on my face, and smell the sea. “Missandei,” she called, “have my silver saddled. Your own mount as well.”  The little scribe bowed. “As Your Grace commands. Shall I summon your bloodriders to guard you?”  “We’ll take Arstan. I do not mean to leave the camps.” She had no enemies among her children. And the old squire would not talk too much as Belwas would, or look at her like Daario.  The grove of burnt olive trees in which she’d raised her pavilion stood beside the sea, between the Dothraki camp and that of the Unsullied. When the horses had been saddled, Dany and her companions set out along the shoreline, away from the city reenex.

Even so, she could feel Meereen at her back, mocking her. When she looked over one shoulder, there it stood, the afternoon sun blazing off the bronze harpy atop the Great Pyramid. Inside Meereen the slavers would soon be reclining in their fringed tokars to feast on lamb and olives, unborn puppies, honeyed dormice and other such delicacies, whilst outside her children went hungry. A sudden wild anger filled her. I will bring you down, she swore. 

As they rode past the stakes and pits that surrounded the eunuch encampment, Dany could hear Grey Worm and his sergeants running one company through a series of drills with shield, shortsword, and heavy spear. Another company was bathing in the sea, clad only in white linen breechclouts. The eunuchs were very clean, she had noticed. Some of her sellswords smelled as if they had not washed or changed their clothes since her father lost the Iron Throne, but the Unsullied bathed each evening, even if they’d marched all day. When no water was available they cleansed themselves with sand, the Dothraki way reenex.

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