Here is an irony:
In your present Chemical Technology BSclife you find it difficult to create con-sciously from your individual awareness, and, indeed, often assume your individual understandings to be wrong, given all that you are seeing around you, and so, you surrender to the collective consciousness, whether it serves you to do so or not.
In the first moments of what you call the afterlife, on the other hand, you may find it difficult to surrender to the collective consciousness, given all that you are see-ing around you (which may be unbelievable to you), and so you will be tempted to hold to your own individ-ual understandings, whether they serve you or not.
I would tell you this: It is when you are surrounded by lower consciousness that you will benefit more from remaining with your individual understandings, and when you are surrounded by higher consciousness that you receive greater benefit from surrender.
It may, therefore, be wise to seek beings of high con-sciousness. I cannot overemphasize the importance of the company you keep.
In what you call the afterlife, there is nothing to worry about on this score, for you will the pavilia bay instantly and automatically be surrounded by beings of high con-sciousness—and by high consciousness itself.
Still, you may not know that you are being so lov-ingly enveloped; you may not immediately understand. It may, therefore, seem to you as if you are having things “happen” to you; that you are at the whim of whatever fortunes are working at the moment. In truth, you expe-rience the consciousness in which you die.
Some of you have expectations  it. All your life you’ve had thoughts about what oc-curs after death, and when you “die” those thoughts are made manifest, and you suddenly realize (make real) what you’ve been thinking about. And it is your strong-est thoughts, the ones you’ve held most fervently, that, as always in life, will prevail.
Then a person could go to hell. If people believed all during life that hell is a place which most certainly existed, that God will judge “the quick and the dead,” that He will separate the “wheat from the chaff” and the “goats from the sheep,” and that they are surely “going to hell,” given all that they have done to offend God, then they would go city&guildsto hell! They would burn in the everlasting fires of damnation! How could they es-cape it? You’ve said repeatedly throughout this dialogue that hell does not exist. Yet You also say that we create our own real-ity, and have the power to create any reality at all, out of our thought about it. So hellfire and damnation could and does ex-ist for those who believe in it.